Hello !
مرحبا و ألف سلام
As a kid, whenever people asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up, my reply was not to be a doctor or a lawyer or an engineer but to be able to understand every language spoken in the world ! Well so much for childhood dreams since there was no library or even a language book available to me and more importantly, no Anatole France around for encouragement (Nine tenth of education is encouragement !). Today, I’m highly proficient/fluent in six languages, which I use and maintain on a daily basis.
My enthusiastic interest for languages drove me to study Spanish letters and Arts and get a Masters’ degree in Spanish as well as learn Bertolt Brecht’s language, all on my own. I had taught Spanish for several years at different colleges including the University of Colorado in Boulder, CO before I started teaching Arabic at the Defense Language Institute in Monterrey then at CU Boulder for a few years and finally here at Wesleyan University. I had also taught French and courses on Islamic Spain as well as Globalization. My academic interests are Literary Translation and History, particularly Islamic History and Islamic History in Spain and North Africa. In fact I had done two years of doctoral work on Islamic Spain at the University of Poitiers, France.
I am fascinated by the art of language interpretation and translation. In fact, I try to incorporate the translation approach, whenever possible, in my classes. My classroom teaching philosophy can be summed up in the self-made acronym “Craftti”: Communicative language, Reflective teaching, Application, Fun learning environment, Use of Technology, Translation, and finally the Integration of the five Cs of Foreign Language Education.
I have translated Mutter Zunge (“Mother language” by German Turkish-born renowned author Emine Sevgi Özdamar)  from German into Arabic. My future academic projects include the marshaling 1. all Spanish terms of Arabic origin 2. Moroccan dialect words of classical Arabic origin that are not understood by the non Moroccan/Algerian Arab,  and 3. Moroccan dialect words of origins other than Arabic. By the same token, I’m resolved to write a book on 101 Common Errors Students of Arabic Make. Furthermore,  renowned Moroccan journalist, political activist and author Mr Rachid Nini and I have agreed that I translate his best selling book يوميّات مهاجر سرّي  (Journal of a clandestine immigrant ) into English.